Friday, February 18, 2011

Where Social Media Leads You???

It is an agreement that social media strengths are the power of the community to shape experience in a positive manner and the notion of shared knowledge.  However, sometime we, as the user of social media easily to get seduce by the lure of the “in crowd”.  It means as in the first ones to be there, has large community network friends, the first ones to talk about the topic and so on. 

I’m an avid follower for those social networks too.  My involvement is based on the reason to learn.  There is a major lesson that I learned from here, that there is some dark points from there.  In the social network, you will follow, listen and learn which in the end; you will find it is hard to form your own opinions.  Your opinion will attract others only if it was popular foul or otherwise it will be ignore.  Suddenly, we become a hypocrite to just follow others and hide our own opinions.  It is important to taking a moment to think before you post your own comment. 

Does publicity your comment and profile are more important that saying out loud about the truth?  What happened to everyone's own honest opinions on stuff?  Sure, we all need to feel part of a community. And yeah, duh, that's why we're all here. And it's a powerful, beautiful thing. Just make sure your own voice is heard.

As we known that those of our writing is being read by others, why not we just being moderate and respect among each other?  This is what we call back to basic as an ethics of human beings.  You don’t need to shout out loud your mind without thinking about others, which will give yourself a perception as a person without brain to take action without thinking.  So think before you write...

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  1. As a person you need to think before you say something that absurd and unwise. Say it charmingly loud when you got the right facts. Do not let the emotion ruins your judgement or you will end up regretting your move.