Friday, February 18, 2011

How Social Media Changed Our World

On Jan 25, 2011, there is a new revolution hit Egyptian.  On that particular day, it is remarked as the day commemorating the start of the modern Egypt.  Finally, the internet and wireless services are enabling entirely in that country.  The disability of both services disability has been implied as the “mouths-shutting” to control the freedom of expression among the citizens.  The Government implied that the social media are “threat” for them as it will become as part of medium for anti-government to disseminate rumors.  The Egyptian youngsters quickly form a ‘New World Order’ – utilizing new media after t

The Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez also decided to join the social media, Twitter a few months ago, and invited Cuban head Fidel Castro to join him on Twitter.  He had previously called Twitter a potential “tool of terror”.  Even in Malaysia, our Prime Minister joined Facebook and this step has been followed by other ministers and political leaders. 

In some countries there are some restrictions that are made.  The countries are such as Iran, Syria, China and other South American countries are limiting the use of these social as precautions. 

Does social media really can change and harm the country?  Of course it will have positive and negative value as an implication.  All of this will come around as how the users adopt and their intentions. 

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