Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Media: We Never Ever Done Learning about It

We have a Twitter, blogging, podcasting, creating profiles on social networks, putting videos on YouTube or uploading artwork on Flickr.  But do we know which social network will be on top or which iPhone app will be the quintessential tool for public relations professionals in a year time period?

If we think now we already master in new media, actually there’s always more to learn. 

The change in new media is inevitable.  Are we as a PR practitioner ready for it?  Back a decade or two decade ago, the traditional media largely dominated the field of PR – such as newspaper, press conferences, etc.  But, in 21st century, with the birth of Internet and other technologies, PR naturally blends in the digitally-driven industry that is constantly changing. 

With the technology development that hit in the 21st century, there are many methods of communication as in blogs, mobile technology, social media platforms in which each of it has distinct advantage over traditional methods but presents challenges. 

For PR practitioner, it is worthwhile to keep up to date with all these changes.  Those who took time to learn new media technology are well rewarded in today PR world.  The etiquette and culture across the country can be learning from various social sites. 

The field of PR constantly changing. We must be able to adapt.

The society also adjusting to the new media technology.  Now, they can buy airline tickets directly through the Facebook fan page.  This trend surely will continue.  People expected the latest technology to be better and more advance. 

So, we should never stop learning.  We need to alert with the new media changes and keep up with it.   The new media are never done to be learn and we never be the new media “expert” even if we thought so…


  1. media kena la seiring dengan perkembangan teknologi supaya tak ketinggalan. cik eda sila register twitter sebagai salah satu 'networking' terkini ;p

  2. TQ cik zati ats cadangn...x lame lg sy akn jd warga twitter gak ye...

  3. saye pon akan jadi warga twitter..hehe..